Employer Arbitration Agreement Pointers From 2 Rulings

Employer Arbitration Agreement Pointers From 2 Rulings By Kirsten Grossman (October 13, 2020)  published as a Guest Article by Law360 Expert Analysis  On Sept. 11 and 14, respectively, the New Jersey Supreme Court and U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit decided two significant cases relating to the enforceability of arbitration provisions in the […]

Retirement Plan ERISA Fiduciary Duties During the COVID-19 Crisis

RETIREMENT PLAN ERISA FIDUCIARY DUTIES DURING THE COVID-19 CRISIS By: Christine Gottesman, Esq. This article appeared on https://westminster-consulting.com/Media/Confero/Issue31/ on July 14, 2020. Link to see this article page: https://www.westminster-consulting.com/Media/Confero/Issue31/retirement-plan-erisa-fiduciary-duties-during-the-covid19-crisis An ERISA retirement plan fiduciary is always required to exercise careful and consistent vigilance with respect to plan investments and plan administration, but during times of […]

Anticipating and preparing for COVID-19-related employment litigation

By Kerrie R. Heslin, Esq., Ryan S. Carlson, Esq., and Robin H. Rome, Esq., Nukk-Freeman & Cerra P.C. This article appeared on the Westlaw Practitioner Insights Commentaries web page on July 2, 2020. Please sign into your account to view this article: https://www.westlaw.com/Document/I48f9aec3bc9611eabea4f0dc9fb69570/View/FullText.html?transitionType=Default&contextData=(sc.Default)&VR=3.0&RS=cblt1.0   INTRODUCTION Although certain health and financial ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic […]